Design and graphics with skill and expertise

KELE Design Oy is a professional in visual communication and design. We help companies improve their visibility and strengthen their brand through things like proper graphical identity and product design.

We have solid experience in the design and customization of vehicles. We also do creative and high-quality custom painting for things like cars, motorcycles and helmets. 

Design services

Corporate Visual Identity

Design Services

A consistent and purposeful corporate visual identity is increasingly important even for smaller companies. This makes the company and its products or services more memorable for customers and strengthens the desired image and impression of quality.

We create visual identities for both large and small needs. We also draw illustrations for advertisements, t-shirt models and other visual materials.


Industrial Design

Design services

Industrial design means more than just creating a visual look for products. It can be part of a company’s product development or a holistic design process for customizing a vehicle.

It means finding the best solutions and creativity to make the product meet the user’s needs. This involves a lot of dimensioning, ergonomics, usability, and of course some impressive visuals.


Illustration and visualization

Design services

By visualization, we refer to the creation of realistic images of the things that are being designed: machinery, vehicles, consumer products, premises, buildings etc. This is an essential part of any product development or design.

Visualization is also useful to individual vehicle enthusiasts planning a customization or custom paint job for their vehicle. We do the work digitally through drawings based on photographs, for example.

We also do many kinds of illustrations: printing models, club and team graphics, record covers – anything. We deliver the illustration of your choice in all required image formats. We also deliver ready-to-use clothes prints, banners, roll-ups and other advertising prints to the customer.


Advertising Wraps

Advertising wraps

Advertising wraps are a cost-efficient way of adding impressive visuals and visibility to your company’s vehicle, for example.

We implement all kinds of advertising wraps according to your wishes from beginning to end!


Custom painting

Custom Painting

KELE Design is skilled in all areas of custom painting. We will personalize a helmet, motorcycle, car, truck or any utility article or decorative object according to your wishes.

In our work, we only utilize the highest-quality materials and tools.